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Hi. My name is Minerva and I love the winter.
You may find it curious if I tell you that I was born in the Spanish Mediterranean, in September the 29th of the year 1984, at the Scorpion street.
I studied Spanish Studies and I studied a mention in Classical Studies at the University of Alicante. I just finished my training and found myself moving to live in the mountains of Madrid, where I found my place.
I worked as a teacher of teenagers who have been my teachers and my best fuel for some years. Then I became a mother and I turned into a new person. And during the time I've been doing all these things, in my heart I have been creating dozens of stories that now I finally have the chance to show the world.
Tres Inviernos is the culmination of all this personal and creative process. It is the result of hard work, energy and passion for literature and mythology whose time begins, paradoxically, in the summer of 2016.
From these lines I invite you to enter my world of snow and magic.

My name is Daniel and since I was little I was fascinated by two things: music and to be able to transmit.
I was born in Alicante and, year after year, the music made me feel almost complete until one day I decided that I didn’t want to just listen but also to create.
My idea of ​​transmitting led me to study English at the University of Alicante, fact that made possible to develop a vocation that even today I enjoy: I am an English teacher surrounded by wonderful teenagers full of doubts, eager to change the world and plenty of dreams to fulfill.
For years, I have been building my humble recording studio where all the melodies of Onhyria are turned into songs with which I just want to portray the world we have created. A world where every time I feel more and more alive. As I said, I'm a composer that has been more than half life creating songs, tales and stories using symphonic music and heavy metal as a vehicle of expression.
In each song there is a piece of soul of the minstrel I am.
I hope you like it and let you enter a bit more into Onhyria.

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